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Tips To Pass Your Vicroads Drive Test - eBook

Pass Your Vicroads Drive Test The First Time

A must read for all drivers who are taking their Vicroads drive test seriously!

tips to pass your drive test

The information in this eBook is essential to passing your Vicroads drive test. Before your practical drive test you must have aquired an excellent practical skill level and awarness on the road which ofcourse comes with practise.

How do you pass the drive test? What are the tips for passing the driving test? You must understand the procedure of the Vicroads drive test and the different types of instruction given by the tester. What happens in stage 1 and stage 2?

Be informed on how the tester will be assessing you and most importantly ...

KNOW THE DO'S AND DONT'S OF THE VICROADS DRIVE TEST - what this eBook is really all about

As a Sunshine driving instructor of 20 years and an expert in the field, I have written a short eBook which will provide you with hot tips and essential information in relation to obtaining your Victorian Driver Licence. Throughout the eBook I give you a "One on One" experience as if I was there, sitting next to you and guiding you thru a testing route.

Its an easy read full of "how to's" and "tips". Relaxed but to the point. After all you do want to pass your Vicroads drive test the first time. This eBook is not a substitute for driving lessons and you should chat with your driving instructor as to whether you are ready for the Vicroads drive test. If you feel ready but not using a driving school or if you have an overseas licence and want to give it a shot, then pick up this hot tips eBook, ITS GOING TO HELP YOU!

This eBook is in PDF format (View it on your ipad, iphone, Android, WP7, WP8, Blackberry, Surface RT, Surface Pro). You will need a paypal account or credit card. All downloads are secure.

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